For the time being, the simplest ways to explore and experiment with Mats3 all start with checking out the repository, and go from there.

Note: To use Mats in a project, fetch mats-impl-jms from Maven Central.

So, clone down the repository, and test and build it (you can do that in a container to be on the safer side):

./gradlew clean test build

After this pans out, fire up your IDE and head over to the unit/integration tests of API, Spring, MatsFuturizer, and tests of the testing tools for JUnit / Jupiter / Spring.

There’s also a very rudimentary “dev area” for the Metrics Interceptor MatsMetrics_TestJettyServer, and same for Local Introspector LocalHtmlInspect_TestJettyServer, both of which you may start from your IDE by Right-click -> debug.

Firing up LocalHtmlInspect_TestJettyServer:

Starting LocalHtmlInspect_TestJettyServer

Hitting up http://localhost:8080/

Browseing of LocalHtmlInspect