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public static interface MatsInterceptable.MatsLoggingInterceptor
Marker interface to denote a logging interceptor. The MatsFactory will only allow one such singleton interceptor, and remove any previously installed if subsequently installing another.
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      If this key is present on the TraceProperties of a Mats Flow, with the value Boolean.TRUE, no ordinary log lines should be emitted while initiating or stage processing the Mats Flow, assuming that the implicated endpoints allows logging suppression. This is only to be used for frequent system messages that otherwise would swamp the log, and should never be used for ordinary processing.

      Note wrt. suppression of initiation logging: An outgoing message starts a Mats Flow. It is the message that holds the TraceProperty saying that logging should be suppressed. Three things: 1. Contrasted to endpoints, initiations do not have an "allow" concept, as it makes no sense security wise since the initiator could just change the allowance. 2. If multiple messages are initiated, then they all must agree of suppression for the initiation log lines to be suppressed. 3. If you initiate, but do not send any messages after all (inside the initiation you find that there is nothing to do), then it is impossible to suppress logging. Thus, you should instead perform whatever checking to decide whether to send a message before going into initiation.

      Note: The MatsMetricsLoggingInterceptor has logic whereby every X minutes, the number of suppressed logs are output (if any), grouped into matsFactory/initApp/initiatorId/stageId, so that it is possible to assert liveliness of the system, and also get an idea of how heavy usage it leads to.

      Note: Suppression of logging effectively removes these initiations and processing from any aggregate metrics based on the log system, e.g. doing "number of message per second" in Kibana will lose out on these messages since they aren't logged (except for the aggregate every X minutes mentioned above). Metrics in form of MatsMicrometerInterceptor are not affected.

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      Suppression of loglines will only be done if the affected endpoints allows it. Allowance is done by setting an EndpointConfig attribute for the allowing Endpoint with this as key, with the value Boolean.TRUE.
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