Interface LocalStatsMatsInterceptor.StageStats

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public static interface LocalStatsMatsInterceptor.StageStats
  • Method Details

    • getIndex

      int getIndex()
    • isInitial

      boolean isInitial()
    • getSpentQueueTimeNanos

      io.mats3.localinspect.LocalStatsMatsInterceptor.StatsSnapshot getSpentQueueTimeNanos()
      Note: Only has millisecond resolution, AND is susceptible to time skews between nodes (uses System.currentTimeMillis() on the sending and receiving node).
    • getBetweenStagesTimeNanos

      Optional<io.mats3.localinspect.LocalStatsMatsInterceptor.StatsSnapshot> getBetweenStagesTimeNanos()
      Note: Not present for the isInitial() stage, as there is no "between" for the initial stage.

      Note: Only recorded for messages that happens to have the two "between" stages executed on the same node, to both eliminate time skews between nodes, and to get higher precision (nanoTime()).

    • getStageTotalExecutionTimeNanos

      io.mats3.localinspect.LocalStatsMatsInterceptor.StatsSnapshot getStageTotalExecutionTimeNanos()
      the stage's total execution time (from right after received, to right before going back to receive loop).
    • getIncomingMessageCounts

    • getProcessResultCounts

    • getOutgoingMessageCounts