Class MatsTraceStringImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
MatsTrace<String>, Cloneable

public final class MatsTraceStringImpl extends MatsTraceFieldImpl<String>
Extension of MatsTraceFieldImpl which uses String for Z, meant to use JSON to serialize the DTO and STO payloads. Employed by MatsSerializerJson.
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    • createNew

      public static MatsTrace<String> createNew(String traceId, String flowId, MatsTrace.KeepMatsTrace keepMatsTrace, boolean nonPersistent, boolean interactive, long ttlMillis, boolean noAudit)
      Creates a new MatsTrace. Must add a MatsTrace.Call before sending.
      traceId - the user-defined hopefully-unique id for this call flow.
      flowId - the system-defined pretty-much-(for all purposes)-guaranteed-unique id for this call flow.
      keepMatsTrace - the level of "trace keeping".
      nonPersistent - if the messages in this flow should be non-persistent
      interactive - if the messages in this flow is of "interactive" priority.
      ttlMillis - the number of milliseconds the message should live before being time out. 0 means "forever", and is the default.
      noAudit - hint to the underlying implementation, or to any monitoring/auditing tooling on the Message Broker, that it does not make much value in auditing this message flow, typically because it is just a "getter" of information to show to some user, or a health-check validating that some service is up and answers in a timely fashion.
      the newly created MatsTrace.