Class MatsTestInfrastructureConfiguration

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@EnableMats @Configuration @Role(2) public class MatsTestInfrastructureConfiguration extends Object
Spring @Configuration class that cooks up the simple test infrastructure, employing a MatsSerializer from the Spring context if available, otherwise creates a default MatsSerializerJson.

There is very little magic with this convenience test infrastructure configuration, you could just as well have made these beans yourself - just check the code!

Provided beans:

  1. MatsFactory.
  2. MatsInitiator from the MatsFactory.
  3. MatsTestBrokerInterface that "hooks in" to the underlying MQ instance, providing (for now) DLQ access.
  4. MatsTestLatch for convenience (if you need to signal from e.g. a Terminator to the @Test method.
  5. MatsFuturizer (lazily created if needed), backed by the MatsFactory.
  • Field Details

    • _matsSerializer

      @Autowired protected org.springframework.beans.factory.ObjectProvider<MatsSerializer<?>> _matsSerializer
    • _dataSource

      @Autowired protected org.springframework.beans.factory.ObjectProvider<DataSource> _dataSource
    • _platformTransactionManagerObjectProvider

      @Autowired protected org.springframework.beans.factory.ObjectProvider<org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager> _platformTransactionManagerObjectProvider
  • Constructor Details

    • MatsTestInfrastructureConfiguration

      public MatsTestInfrastructureConfiguration()
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