Annotation Interface SpringInjectRulesAndExtensions

@Target(TYPE) @Retention(RUNTIME) @TestExecutionListeners(listeners=SpringInjectRulesAndExtensionsTestExecutionListener.class, mergeMode=MERGE_WITH_DEFAULTS) @Documented public @interface SpringInjectRulesAndExtensions
Use this Test Execution Listener to autowire JUnit Rules and Jupiter Extensions, i.e. so that any fields in the Rule or Extension annotated with @Inject or @Autowire will be autowired - typically needed for Rule_MatsEndpoint and Extension_MatsEndpoint.

To use, just put this annotation on the test class. If that fails, typically because you are also employing a different TestExecutionListener, a fallback is to directly list the SpringInjectRulesAndExtensions.SpringInjectRulesAndExtensionsTestExecutionListener in the @TestExecutionListeners annotation on the test class, as such:

 @TestExecutionListeners(listeners = SpringInjectRulesAndExtensionsTestExecutionListener.class, mergeMode = MergeMode.MERGE_WITH_DEFAULTS)