Package io.mats3.test

Class MatsTestBrokerInterface.MatsTestBrokerInterface_JmsMatsFactory

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public static class MatsTestBrokerInterface.MatsTestBrokerInterface_JmsMatsFactory extends Object implements MatsTestBrokerInterface
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    • _latePopulate

      public MatsTestBrokerInterface.MatsTestBrokerInterface_JmsMatsFactory _latePopulate(javax.jms.ConnectionFactory connectionFactory, MatsFactory matsFactory)
      Description copied from interface: MatsTestBrokerInterface
      This method is most probably not for you!. It is employed by SpringJmsMatsFactoryWrapper, by reflection invocation when it is both on classpath and as an instance in the Spring context, to perform "late setting" of the properties which the tool needs to perform its job. (Reason for reflection: This class resides in the 'mats-test' project - which is for testing, while the SpringJmsMatsFactoryWrapper is in the 'mats-spring-jms' project - which is for "production").

      The matsFactory parameter currently needs to be a JmsMatsFactory. We need all of the following from it

      • matsFactory.getFactoryConfig().getMatsDestinationPrefix() (standard MatsFactory)
      • matsFactory.getFactoryConfig().getMatsTraceKey() (standard MatsFactory)
      • The Mats Interceptor API (from MatsInterceptable, which JmsMatsFactory is)
      • The MatsSerializer to provide access to contents from messages (from JmsMatsFactory)

      Note: The MatsFactory provided may be a MatsFactory.MatsFactoryWrapper, but it must resolve to a JmsMatsFactory via the MatsFactory.unwrapFully()! Otherwise, it'll throw an IllegalArgumentException.

      Specified by:
      _latePopulate in interface MatsTestBrokerInterface
    • checkCorrectSetup

      protected void checkCorrectSetup()
    • getDlqMessage

      public MatsTestBrokerInterface.MatsMessageRepresentation getDlqMessage(String endpointOrStageId)
      Waits a couple of seconds for a message to appear on the Dead Letter Queue for the provided endpoint- or stageId (Queue name "DLQ."+matsendpointPrefix+endpointOrStageId) - and also checks the standard common ActiveMQ DLQ (Queue name "ActiveMQ.DLQ") in case the broker is not configured with specific DLQs per Queue, which is relevant if you fire up an unmodified ActiveMQ distribution on the command line, check the MatsTestBroker class JavaDoc for how to use an external MQ instead of the in-VM which otherwise is fired up. (NOTE: It is HIGHLY suggested to use the "specific DLQ" pattern in any production setting, as this is much easier to reason about when ugly things starts hitting fans).
      Specified by:
      getDlqMessage in interface MatsTestBrokerInterface
      endpointOrStageId - the endpoint which is expected to generate a DLQ message.
      the MatsTrace of the DLQ'ed message.