Package io.mats3.util.wrappers

package io.mats3.util.wrappers
Wrappers for JMS ConnectionFactory and JDBC DataSource - with a special "deferred connection proxy" wrapper which is smart to use as underlying DataSource for the SQL-oriented JmsMatsTransactionManagers, as it elides transactions if the connection is not actually employed within an initiation or stage processing.
  • Class
    A base Wrapper for a JMS ConnectionFactory, which simply implements ConnectionFactory, takes a ConnectionFactory instance and forwards all calls to that.
    A base Wrapper for a JDBC DataSource, which simply implements DataSource, takes a DataSource instance and forwards all calls to that.
    DataSource wrapper which returns thin Connection proxies (currently employing Java's "dynamic proxy" functionality) which do not actually fetch a Connection until it is needed.
    Provides a method to query whether the Connection actually was gotten.