Package io.mats3.util

package io.mats3.util
Mats3 Utilities - notably the MatsFuturizer, which provides a bridge from synchronous processes to the highly asynchronous Mats^3 services.
  • Class
    An instance of this class acts as a bridge service between the synchronous world of e.g.
    This exception is raised through the CompletableFuture if the timeout specified when getting the CompletableFuture is reached (to get yourself a future, use one of the futurizeXYZ(..) methods).
    An instance of this class will be the return value of any CompletableFutures created with the MatsFuturizer.
    If you need a random string for a part of the traceId (Read NOTE about traceIds!), use this class instead of UUID, because UUID has low entropy density with only 4 bits per character, and dashes.
    Utility class for replacing dodgy characters from queue/topic names, and names in general, in the Message Broker world - it is quite restrictive, replacing any character not in [a-z,A-Z,0-9,.,_,-] (lower alpha, upper alpha, digits, dot, underscore, minus/dash) with '_'.
    A small tool to produce a String - specifically an opinionated TraceId.