Package io.mats3.test

package io.mats3.test
Contains a set of helpful tools for testing: MatsTestBrokerInterface to get DLQ'ed messages, MatsTestHelp for creation of relevant ids, MatsTestLatch for a simple tool to synchronize between the test method and the async Mats endpoints, and TestH2DataSource which is a small wrapper around H2 to create a database with a test table - mainly used by the API Tests to verify SQL transactions.
  • Class
    Tool that makes it possible to query the underlying broker of a test MatsFactory for messages, in particular "residual" messages and DLQs.
    Representation of the Mats message that sat on the DLQ.
    Microscopic helper methods to create Loggers and Ids typically needed when making Mats tests.
    Test-utility: Gives a latch-functionality facilitating communication back from typically a Mats Terminator to the main-thread that sent a message to some processor, and is now waiting for the Terminator to get the result.
    A wrapped H2 DataBase DataSource which has a couple of extra methods which simplifies testing, in particular the TestH2DataSource.cleanDatabase(), and TestH2DataSource.createDataTable() method with associated convenience methods for storing and getting simple values.
    A RuntimeException for use in database access methods and tests.